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By: Linda

What is My Favourite Product to Use While Quilting?


Have you ever wondered what products will help make quilting easier?

This is my absolute favourite item to use while sewing and quilting. It was my greatest discovery of all time … Seriously.

It is an item you must always have on-hand, and since finding this little beauty, I definitely can't live without it!

What is this product, you ask?

GRIPPY, by Odif.

It is an acid-free, non-slip aerosol that can be applied to glass, plastic, wood, rulers, paper, templates, fabrics, and carpets to create a non-slip surface.

Honestly, I think it a miracle spray with many, many uses.

Things just stay in place while still being repositionable.

Oh, and did I mention that Grippy is translucent after it dries?

It comes in a 112 ML/3.8 OZ can that lasts a very long time and is economical to use! 

Why is the Product Great?

We all have plastic rulers and templates which probably slip around on our fabrics just as we're trying to cut.

Before finding this product, I was always having to hold my rulers in place with one hand and trying to measure or cut with the other hand.

A Paul Simon song comes to mind 😊

Slip slidin' away
Slip slidin' away
You know the nearer your destination

The more you're slip slidin' away 

Over time, some companies have come up with great product options to use with rulers but nothing for plastic templates. 

Grippy is an awesome spray to put on the back of Quilting rulers for stitching ruler work or on the back of cutting rulers for rotary cutting quilts. 


If you want the perfect coating to put on all your rulers for precise cutting, Grippy is the answer.

You can use Grippy while machine quilting.Once sprayed, simply put gentle pressure on the template with your hand and the template won't move, allowing for perfect quilting every time.

Grippy is THE solution for both rulers and plastic templates, all in one spray!

Oh … and I forgot to mention …

Grippy has many more uses!Not just for rulers and templates. It can also be used with stencils, plastic template sheets, etc.

Here is yet another use.Do you have trouble with clothing sliding off your hangers?Well, Grippy is the cure for that challenge!Just spray it on your hangers and you will never have this problem again.

You can find this spray online here.

Here's what you do to use this product:

  1. Shake well!
  2. Place your ruler or template face down on a protected surface
  3. Evenly spray a thin layer of Grippy, from approximately 8 inches away, onto the back of the ruler or template
  4. It's white when originally sprayed on.Once dried, it becomes translucent.It's ready to use!
  5. Enjoy slip-free rulers and templates!


  • The thinner the layer, the more transparent the spray is …
  • Apply a second coat if you wish for a stronger non-slip effect
  • Your rulers can be cleaned with hot water or with Odif DK5 cleaner
  • If you notice your ruler starting to lose its gripping power, rinse off the ruler and let it dry. It may "work" again.You can always spray your ruler again and then you are back in operation!

A Few Facts:

This product is:

  • Made in France
  • Acid Free
  • Anti-Slip
  • Translucent
  • CFC-Free 

       Videos on How Grippy is Used

Check out these videos to see examples of how Grippy can be used.

In Summary

This spray is a convenient, easy-to-use product.A small amount goes a long way!

It dries quickly, and my rulers can still move but are not slippery. I can trace my templates much faster and with greater accuracy! It does a great job of making the rulers non-slip when cutting fabric. The grip is just right, and the back of the ruler does not have that "sticky" feeling and grips the fabric beautifully.

The spray is translucent when it dries and does not leave a coating or any marks on my fabric. I love how evenly I can coat the back of my quilting rulers, and still have all of the markings visible.

There is a slight odour when you spray, but it dissipates quickly after it dries.

I highly recommend that you use the spray in a well-ventilated area.

You can find this product here

Let me know what you think!

If you like this product too, please comment below.

If you have any questions, let me know too.I would be happy to answer your questions or make suggestions.

Happy Quilting!



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Friday, 03 February 2023

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