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Author: Paulette


Have you ever wondered what products will help make sewing and quilting easier?

This is one of my can't-live-without tools in my sewing kit.

It saves me money and is used for all kinds of sprays!

Have you ever looked at these spray bottles online and thought – "l'll just pick up a spray mister at the dollar store because they are soooo much cheaper there?"

Have you used bottles where blobs of product end up on your projects?

Many things happen when you use a regular spray bottle:

  • You waste product!
  • You never, ever get the finest of spray that your project requires
  • Your projects can potentially be ruined when too much product is used
  • You constantly have to pump the trigger to get the right amount of water or product on your fabric

Well, these spray bottles are specially made with the sewist or quilter in mind!

I use these spray bottles all the time for products like BEST PRESS as seen below and can be found here.

It seems like such a silly thing; however, these mister spray bottles are super useful particularly when you are creating something special that requires precision cutting or sewing!

There are many more uses!

  • Perfect for Crisp Clean Ironing,
  • Diffusing the Air with your Favorite Aromatherapy Oil,
  • Cleaning,
  • Hair Styling,
  • Cooling off on a Hot Day and 
  • SOOOO Much More

Why is the Product Great? 

We all use spray bottles.

Before finding this bottle, product always came out in blobs!

I used water or I bought all the right products for the project that I was working on including:

  • Spray starches
  • Adhesives
  • etc

 What I love about these spray bottles

  • It gives a fine mist with just one squeeze!
  • Perfect for ALL quilters and sewists
  • No more strain on your hands pumping a regular spray bottle.
  • One squeeze and a long fine mist gently sprays out. Fill the bottle with water or Best Press, etc... then mist your fabric before ironing it
  • Fabric irons out beautifully without any large wet drops. Find it on our website here
  • Perfect for Crisp Clean Ironing,
  • Diffusing the Air with your Favorite Aromatherapy Oil,
  • Cleaning,
  • Hair Styling,

Cooling off on a Hot Day and Much More


QUILTING & CRAFTING SPRAY: Use the Magic Mister Spray Bottle for sprays when quilting.The fine misting of water or products such as Best Press helps to improve accuracy of cutting, creasing & sewing, while also flattening seams & wrinkles.

ADHESIVE & BASTING SPRAYS: This spray bottle works great with fabric adhesive sprays & basting sprays for all your quilting needs.

IMPROVE ACCURACY FOR CUTTING, CREASING & SEWING: Using the right spray is key.I use Best Press because it stiffens the fabric.This helps you cut and piece with greater precision. Use with a quilting spray adhesive for fabric.This improves the accuracy of cutting, creasing, sewing, and reduces the amount of time for point matching on quilts.

FLATTEN SEAMS & WRINKLES: Use the Best Press Spray Starch to flatten seams and wrinkles. This smoothing wrinkle releaser spray makes pressing easier by relaxing wrinkles and leaving your fabric neat, soft, and static-free. 

A Few Facts:

This bottle:

  • is available in black or white
  • holds 10 ounces of liquid
  • has a screw-on top
  • creates a continuous lasting fine mist. 
  • The spray lasts for about 2 to 3 seconds once plunger is released!
  • provides consistent and even coverage
  • has a liner that helps prevent leaking
  • is refillable
  • weighs 0.3 pounds in its package 

In Summary

It's not your regular run-of-the-mill spray bottle!

This spray bottle is my best friend and is always by my side 😊

The Magic Mister Spray bottle is perfect to use with liquid starch sprays or with water. I have 2 bottles.One with water and one with Best Press. I mostly use Best Press in this bottle, and it has taken my quilting to a whole new level. No more over-starching!

With a continuous 360-degree spray-ability, the Magic Mister Spray Bottle allows large areas to be starched quickly. The superior ergonomics of the trigger reduces hand fatigue compared to other regular spray bottles that use fingertip triggers.

It's amazingly smooth to use. The one pump action allows me to slowly spray a sweeping motion across a large area of fabric.

I have never had any issues with leaking.

You can find this product here

       Let me know what you think!

If you like this product too, please comment below.

If you have any questions, let me know too.I would be happy to answer your questions or make suggestions.

Happy Sewing and Quilting! 


Seams-Flat Pressing Bar


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Friday, 03 February 2023

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