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Seams-Flat Pressing Bar


Author: Anne

       Seams-Flat Pressing Bar

Have you ever stumbled onto a tool that is a real game-changer while you are sewing and quilting?

Well … this is it!

If you haven't used this tool before, you must, must try it! You will be glad you did.

I like to do fabric piecing .It is fun and challenging at the same time. I use 6" squares.

Are you like me?

Do you struggle when pressing all those seams open on the back of your pieced quilt?

I would press a seam open, add another piece, and when trying to press that seam open, I would mess up the seams that I just finished pressing. So very frustrating!

Then, I discovered this handy, dandy little tool. I don't have this challenge anymore. The curve of this tool keeps the first seams out of the way. It's a game changer and I LOVE it! 


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There are many more uses!

  • Pressing seams of garments
  • Piecing 6" square of fabric
  • Working on quilt blocks
  • Pressing longer seams
  • Works on projects that have fabric tubes
  • Excellent for pressing open seams for bag making (straps).

 Why is this Product SO Great?

Seams can be the bane of a quilter or sewist's existence.

The Seams-Flat Pressing Bar has been a godsend!

The Pressing Bar is made of New Zealand Wool and covers a solid wood ½" round core. It easily flattens seams. It's simple to press curves and small areas. I use it with the wool pressing mats that can be found here and here.

The wool pressing bar makes it so much easier to press open seams when piecing my quilt and pressing open longer seams too!

The length of the Seams-Flat Pressing Bars that we have in stock is 17.75 inches. (We always are bringing in more stock). I find this size works perfectly for all my projects – big and small.

What I love about this item:

  • The wool covered bar absorbs heat easily and quickly
  • All seams lie flat without disturbing the last seams that I just pressed
  • The fabric is not pulled apart as it gently drapes over the bar
  • It works like a dream piecing 6" squares … which can be so time consuming
  • Seams iron out beautifully. Find the Seams-Flat Pressing Bar on our website here
  • The price is very reasonable. Don't be fooled when you see a cheaper price. Remember, our price is in Canadian dollars and shipping from the USA can be expensive … typically more than the item's cost. And, when you buy $199 of items from Dragonfly Quilting and Gifts, all items in your order are shipped for free!

You can find this tool online here.

See How to Use the Seams-Flat Pressing Bar with a similar product as shown below

Check out this video here.

Here's what you do to use this product:

1. Lay your sewn pieces with the seam facing up on your favourite ironing mat 

2. Press the seams down firmly with an iron across the seams
3. Flip it over. The seams are flat!
4. If you have a "tube" project, just insert the Seams-Flat Pressing Bar in the middle.Drape the seams over the bar and press with ease.

A Few Facts:

This item:

  • is available in gray … matching the wool mats that we have as well!
  • it's 17.75" in length and works for all projects
  • the wool is natural and absorbs heat easily, not damaging your fabric
  • the seams are pressed open easily and quickly
  • works beautifully for pressing seams open on garments too

       Let me know what you think!

If you like this product too, please comment below.

If you have any questions, let me know too.I would be happy to answer your questions or make suggestions.

Happy Sewing and Quilting! 




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Friday, 03 February 2023

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